Social Outreach Ministry

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ!

Our Social Outreach Ministry is one of our strongest links to the outside world. We are blessed to have the resources to give volunteer and/or financial support to organizations in our community and abroad.

We invite you to become familiar with all of our different ministries at our church. The ministry booklet will help you learn about the organizations that we support. We also engage in hands-on projects throughout the year that enable our youth to work side by side with other adults in our faith community.

Each ministry listed includes a brief description of each organization under a certain theme. As you scroll through the different organizations, you will see a variety of opportunities to serve. We welcome all volunteers and encourage you to reach out to the group's lead contact to learn more.  To see the Social Outreach Ministry's areas of service, click here to view the Volunteer Booklet.   

Yours in Christ - Pastor Sandy Kessinger