Virtual Panel Discussions

Our congregation and Lewinsville Presbyterian Church sponsored a series of virtual panel discussions on “Pathways Out of Poverty in Northern Virginia – Promising Policies and Approaches.” 

See below for past recordings and volunteer forms.

Pathways Out of Poverty in Northern Virginia


Background film viewing for June 12: You will find it helpful to understand the June 12 topic by viewing the following Brave New Film release “Racially Charged – America’s Misdemeanor Problem.” Click here for the link for this film.


Redeemer member Claire Dutrow was the moderator for the June 12, 2022 webinar sponsored by Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, Tysons Interfaith, and Redeemer.


The goal of the “Pathways…” series is to explore policies, programs, and individual actions to address barriers that low-income Northern Virginia residents face. Panel discussion topics have included:

  •          Easing Reentry for the Convicted – June 2022
  •      Accessing Affordable Housing – October 2021
  •          Improving Financial Empowerment – March 2022
  •          Easing Reentry for the Convicted and Incarcerated – June 2022
  •          Obtaining Community Services – [to be decided]


To view videos of earlier panel discussion topics visit:



The first two sessions: Accessing Affordable Housing and Financial Empowerment  attracted participants from across the Fairfax and Arlington area, including members of Redeemer Lutheran, Lewinsville Presbyterian, Tysons Interfaith and others with an interest in the topics.


The first session, Accessing Affordable Housing  heard from Christopher Fay (Executive Director of Homestretch) and Carmen Romero (President and CEO of Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH)).  In the past Redeemer has supported Homestretch programs. The recording of the discussion is available here. Homestretch and APHA have volunteer opportunities. They can be found at:





 The second session, Financial Empowerment. The session, moderated by Irene Foster, professor at George Washington University  featured panelists:  Dr. Anamarie Lusardi, Founder and Director of the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center at the George Washington University School of Business;  Maria Jose Cantoni, Director of the Financial Empowerment Center in Fairfax County, a division of Britepaths, Inc.; and Donna Snyder-White, Vice President for Financial Empowerment at StandByMe (UnitedWay/Delaware).

Dr. Lusardi introduced the multi-generational study on financial literacy


Maria Jose Cantoni reviewed Britepaths work in Fairfax County, while Donna Snyder-White presented another program out of Delaware.  The link to this session's video is here.


If you’re interested in volunteering with the Financial Empowerment Center of Fairfax County,