Redeemer's Picture Directory

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The password for access to this file may be obtained by logging into the online version of the directory and viewing the main cover page or by calling the church office. If you are obtaining the password from the church office, be prepared for Carol to ask you questions to verify your identity.

Our Pastor

Pastor Sandy Kessinger is Redeemer’s Senior Pastor. She is passionate about a quality worship experience that is centered on sound preaching, ways to make Scripture alive for people of all ages, and learning ways to live out our faith at home and in our work places. Pastor Kessinger approaches her ministry and her personal life based on five core statements in the affirmation of baptism rite: To live among God's people, to hear His Word and share in His supper, to proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed, to serve all people following the example of Jesus Christ, and to strive for justice and peace in all the earth. Pastor Kessinger attended Augustana College, Duquesne University and Trinity Lutheran Seminary. She is an avid runner, and she enjoys spending time with her family, reading and sports. She has three grown children: two daughters live in the area, and a son in Massachusetts. 

Our Council

  • Laura Duval

    council president

  • matthew kratz

    council vice president

  • Rob wenk

    council treasurer

  • Karen Detweiler

    council secretary

  • florence ofili-toviho

  • Nathan Paukovits

  • roberta pittman

Our Staff